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What is the electric cable of YJVP ?

Supply electric cable, cross-linked electric cable, YJV, JVP

This product is suitable for fixed electrical power transmission and distribution lines with AC 50HZ and rated voltage below 35KV. Compared with PVC electric cable, this product not only has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, heat aging resistance, environmental stress resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, but also has a simple structure and lightweight, and is not limited by the application drop. Long-term working temperature is high (90 °C) and so on.
I. Implementation standards: GB/T12706-2002 is equivalent to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60502.

Second, technical parameters:

electric cable

2.1 The general test method for insulation and sheathing materials of electric cable shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB/T 2951.1~GB/T2951.10;
2.2 Flame-retardant electric cable should meet the requirements of GB/T18380-2001 flame retardant characteristics;
2.3electric cable surface should have a clear manufacturer's name, model, meter and voltage level continuous mark;
2.4electric cable surface without damage, electric cable head tight;
2.5 Packaging, labeling, transportation, storage, and release: According to GB/T133384-92 "General technical conditions for mechanical and electrical product packaging" and other relevant standards.
Third, the use of features:

1. The ambient temperature at the time of laying shall not be lower than 0 °C, and the drop of the electric cable shall not be restricted;

electric cable

2. The minimum bending radius of the electric cable is as follows:
Single core: 20 (d + D) ± 5%, three core: 15 (D + d) ± 5% (where D is the actual outer diameter of the electric cable, d is the actual outer diameter of the conductor);
3, the operating temperature of the electric cable:
The PVC sheath is not more than 90 ° C;
4, the highest rated temperature of the electric cable conductor is 90 ° C, when a short circuit (the longest duration does not exceed 5 seconds), the temperature does not exceed 250 ° C
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