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Damaged and preventive method of controlled shielded cable

There are many correct or incorrect processes in the manufacture of the shield. One of the most important parameters is the braiding angle of the shield.

In a controlled shielded cable for a towline, the load on the shield of the outer diameter of the cable must be taken into account. An unreasonable braiding angle of the shield further increases the tensile load, resulting in damage to the shield. As a result, the shielding effect is weakened, and even a short circuit is caused when the sharp cable tail is pierced with wool fabric or foil gold material to contact the core wire. Here, we recommend a useful little trick: if the insulation is stripped, the shield can be easily pushed back into the jacket, but such a shield can not be used in the energy supply system, moving Highly flexible controlled shielded cable. Of course, the Swiss Sky cable can provide a direct solution to these problems:
controlled shielded cable
The braiding angle determined by long-term experiments can effectively counteract the tension and is therefore very suitable for drag chains.

Due to the stable inner sheath, the shield does not relax.

In the stranded structure, the shield itself has anti-twist properties.

Sheath wear or breakage
controlled shielded cable
Any internal structural defects are difficult to detect from the outside, but the problem of the sheath can be directly observed by the naked eye. The jacket is the first layer of protection for the precise internal structure of the cable. This is why rupture, wear and expansion deformation of the jacket is a very serious quality problem. In order to avoid such problems, Ruitian Cable offers seven different material cable jackets for users to choose according to their mechanical working environment.

Armored extruded jacket

Manufacturing processes and materials are also important factors in determining product quality. In some so-called cables suitable for towline, the sheath is generally tubular in shape and therefore does not provide the necessary support for the stranded structure during long-term bending, thereby making the strand structure susceptible to splitting.

As the first manufacturer of the towline system, Ruitian Cable has developed a nail-shaped extruded jacket.
controlled shielded cable
This jacket ensures that the core does not loosen when the cable is moving. The reason is that the sheath is extruded by a particularly large pressure, which acts as a guiding groove, which guides the movement of the core wire and also serves as a support. It is therefore very suitable for drag chains.

Summarize the quality assurance of high-flexible cables suitable for towline: central stress-relieving design; multi-bundle cable-forming structure; armor-type extruded inner sheath in controlled shielded cable; fully shielded insulated woven mesh; optimized shield braiding Angle; armored extruded jacket.

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