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Causes and preventive measures for winter rubber cable damage

In the winter, many construction workers will find that the rubber cable products with good quality often have some hard lines and damaged insulation skin. Many construction workers think that it is the rubber cable product itself. There have been quality problems, and cable manufacturers have insisted that the products have been tested at the factory and are qualified products, often leading to misunderstanding between the two parties.

In fact, it is not because of the quality of the product itself, but because of the severe winter. Rubber cable products are mostly made of ordinary plastic (PVC) or rubber. When they are in sub-zero environment, they will harden. The entire rubber cable product line will be hard and brittle, resulting in a slight external force on the outer skin. There will be damage to the underside. In winter, especially in the north, outdoor temperatures tend to be below zero and surface temperatures may be lower. Therefore, if the rubber cable product is placed outdoors or placed directly on the surface, it is likely that the product will fall off. So how do we prevent the winter rubber cable from peeling off? Take the following measures from each stage --
 rubber cable
1. Factory transportation: When the product is loaded into the transportation vehicle, it needs to be warm and protective. For example, use a closed transport to prevent direct exposure of the product; put a layer of cushion on the product, such as bedding or other soft foam; handle gently when loading, do not rough loading, and avoid bending the product Big.

2. When arriving at the destination or at the construction site, it is best for the product supplier to station personnel for supervision to prevent rough operation when the product is unloaded.

3, storage: It is best to store the product indoors, and at the same time put a layer of insulation on the stored surface, such as wood, bedding, foam, etc., to prevent the product from being wet and damp, pay attention to prevent the product from direct contact with the ground will be rubber The phenomenon of scratching the skin of the cable is handled with care.

4. When the product is laid and installed: It is best to choose to work in the middle and afternoon when the temperature is warmer. If there are conditions, use the heater and other equipment to give the product a "hot warm-up" before use, so that the product can reach the best performance state. If it is buried, a protective layer such as cloth or foam can be placed in the cable trench. If you are wearing a tube, you must ensure that the inside and outside of the line tube are smooth beforehand and will not scratch the wire. In particular, iron pipes should be noted that the purchase of qualified iron pipes may result in a large number of sharp raised points in the poor quality iron pipe, which may cause scratches on the wire sheath.
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5, select Puguang brand low-temperature cable, strictly in accordance with the national standard "GB/T2951.14-2008" test requirements for testing, placed in the environment of minus 35 ° C for 16h, and then carry out mechanical performance test, repeated bending and bending Tests for elongation and tensile strength of insulation and sheath, with a pass rate of 100%, Puguang low temperature cable has excellent low temperature resistance, and the insulation and sheath skin can be guaranteed in a cold external environment. No cracks, no breaks.

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