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The difference between wdzelectric cable and WDZN electric cable?

WDZ lszh flame retardant electric power electric cable.
  WDZN low-smoke halogen-free fire-resistant flame-retardant cross-electricity electric cable.
  W-halogen-free, D-low smoke, Z-flame retardant, n-fire resistant, YJ-XLPE insulation, V-PVC jacket YJV-XLPE insulation PVC jacket electric power cable.
  electric cable.jpg?v=163408
Model omitted principle: electric cable products in the copper wire is the main use of the conductor material, so the copper core code t province to write, but the bare wire and bare conductor products except.Bare wire and bare conductor products, power electric cable class, magnet wire products do not indicate the category code, electrical equipment with electric cable class and communication electric cable class is not listed, but set out a small class or series of code, etc.

  Item 7 is a variety of special occasions or additional special use requirements of the mark, in the " - " after the phonetic alphabet mark.Sometimes in order to highlight the item, to write this item to the front.Such as ZR-(flame retardant), NH-(fire-resistant), WDZ-(low smoke zero halogen, enterprise standard), TH-(wet and hot areas), FY-(termite, enterprise standard) and so on.
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