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What is the difference between a wrapped shielded cable and a braided shielded cable?

First, the cost of winding the shielded cable and braided shielded cable is not the same

According to the use of cable occasions, different structural shielding form, have their own purposes
On the other hand, the shielding performance is different

First, the winding shielded cable

wrapped shielded cable

1. From the shielding effect, the winding is better than weaving,

2. Its shielding effect is directional,

3. Shielding characteristics change during bending,

4. But it has completed a small outer diameter, soft wire, the price is relatively low.

5.Suitable for low-frequency shielding.

Second, braided shielded cable

Braided and oblique similar package, in the wire mainly from the shielding effect, to prevent the influence of external electric field and magnetic drinking places,

Improve the degree of defense of the cable, compared with the oblique package, aluminum foil has the following characteristics:
braided shielded cable

1. Shielding directionless.
2.Good high-frequency shielding property, suitable for high-frequency shielding.
3. Through multi-layer shielding, shielding effect can reach 100%.
4.No change in shielding characteristics during bending.
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