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How to route housing wire?

1. Specific to wiring construction, if your floor is paved, whether it is composite or solid wood (bamboo), I suggest that you put the housing wire in the corner behind the skirting board as much as possible, just in the wall, at the door or wearing A small section of the wall is pre-buried to the back of the skirting board. There should be no dead bends in the middle of the line tube. The lead wire is left in the tube. When the floor is finished but the skirting board is not installed, the wire is put in.

2. The plastic tube (the kind of semi-rigid, translucent, and normal construction used in the construction) is used for the line tube so that there is no joint in the middle of the line tube so that the line will not be stuck when threading. If there must be a joint in the middle, also use the size of the head to insert, and the direction should be the same. Then there is no need to rush the thread in the line during the construction, but first thread the lead wire, and then replace the corresponding wire when the electrical installation is final. This is very important!
housing wire
There are many precautions for housing wire wiring. I hope everyone will read it in mind because if the wiring is not good, it will have very serious consequences. The current is so strong that if the current is bitten, it will be more than being bitten by the tiger. Desperate.

Everyone should take care of themselves and love their family. If you don't want to hurt yourself and your family, study the considerations of the housing wire to ensure a safe
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