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Operation method of installing cable

The following is the operation method of installing the cable. When you are installing, follow the steps to avoid accidents.


Material: Material used will be as approved by the engineer. The sizes and routes routing will be as per the approved shop drawing.

Storage and Protection: Deliver components parts to site, completely identified in accordance with shop and certified drawings prepared for this work. Store in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, above ground, properly protected from the weather and construction activities.

Power Cable Supplier

No wiring be carried out until the appropriate tests required or in the electrical testing section have been done and the consultant has given his clearance for wiring to commence.
A loop in form of wiring shall be used as far as practicable or unless otherwise indicated. Joints in conductors shall be made using insulated terminal blocks complying with requirements of this specification.
At expansion joints adequate slack shall be left in the cable.
Where conduits are installed for wiring by others, a draw wire shall be provided between each draw in position.
Where three-phase circuits comprising single-core cables are installed in trunking, all cables of a shall be tied together at intervals not exceeding 200mm.
Cables forming part of alarm, control, communication or monitoring circuits shall have identification sleeves at their terminations. Identification shall be consistent with the relevant wiring diagrams.
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