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XLPE mineral insulated lead sheath copper power cable

Mineral insulated cable, one kind of copper conductor core wire wrapped with copper sheath, and magnesium oxide powder is the cable that insulates the conductor and sheath with inorganic insulation material, the outermost layer can choose the appropriate protective sheath as needed.MICC or MI cable.There is a similar kind of cable to replace the copper sheath wrapped conductor and insulating material, called the Mineral insulated metal sheathed cable.

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Product features:
1. Refractory:The two materials used in mineral insulated cables are copper and mineral insulation are inorganic.This type of cable does not burn, nor does it aid combustion, and can continue to operate in close proximity to the flame.Copper sheath melt under 1083 °C.
2. High operating temperature:Mineral insulated cable can be resistant to continuous operation temperature as high as 250 °C.In case of emergency, the cable can be operated in a short time at a temperature close to the melting point of the copper sheath.
3. Long life:Inorganic materials used in mineral insulated cables can guarantee the stability, long life and fire resistance of cables.
4. Explosion-proof:A highly compacted insulating material used in mineral insulated cables to prevent the passage of steam, gas, and flame between parts of equipment connected to the cables.

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