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What are the differences between power cables and control cables?

1. The difference of core insulation color between power cable and control cable: the insulated color of control cable usually is black and white, and power cable insulation coloe is different colors.

2. The difference of conductor cross section between power cable and control cable: power cable conductor cross section are generally big,usually up to 500 square meters. Control cable is a secondary command wire, the load current is extremely small and the wire cross section is extremely small, so the cross section of the control cable is generally small, and the maximum is generally less than 10 square.

3. The difference of core number between power cable and control cable: power cable core number usually is small, there are single core, two cores, three cores, four cores, five cores. According to the grid requirements, the maximum is usually 5 cores. The control cable core number is larger, usually from 2 to 61 cores, or even more. The control cable also uses various structures, shielding and other measures to achieve satisfactory electromagnetic compatibility.

4. The difference of rated voltage between power cable and control cable: the rated voltage of the power cable is generally 0.6/1kV and above, and the control cable is mainly 450/750V.

5. The difference of outer jacket between power cable and control cable: the power cable outer jacket is required to suffer compressive strength, tensile strength, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Control cable outer jacket is required relatively low. In the same specification of industrial electrical power cables and control cables, the power cables insulation and outer jacket thickness are thicker than the control cables.

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