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Is YC Electric Cable or Electric Wires?

We all hear about electric wires and electric cables in our daily life, but YC and YZ are slightly less in touch, so what is electric wires? What is Electric Cable? What is YC Electric Cable? What is YZ Electric Cable? What's the difference between electric wires and electric cables? there is no strict boundary between decorating electric wires and electric cables.

Electric Cable

Generally, products with few cores, small product diameter and simple structure are called electric wires, those without insulation are called electric wires, and others are called electric cables. The larger conductor cross-sectional area ( greater than 6 square millimeters ) is called large electric wires, the smaller one ( less than or equal to 6 square millimeters ) is called small electric wires, and insulated electric wires are also called cloth electric wires. Electric Cable generally has more than 2 layers of insulation, most of which are multi-core junctions.

" Electric Wires" and " Electric Cable" have no strict limits in concept. In a narrow sense, it is divided into " electric wires" and " electric cable" and is generally referred to as " electric cable".

It is generally believed that:

Electric Wire

( 1 ) single call " line"; More than one is called " cable".
( 2 ) small diameter called " line"; The big diameter is called " cable".
( 3 ) simple structure called " line"; The complex structure is called " cable". However, with the expansion of the scope of use, many kinds of " cable in the line" and " cable in the cable" are available. So there is no need to strictly distinguish. In daily practice, people call household electrical wires electrical wires and electric cable for short.

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