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High voltage power cable head practice

High voltage power cable  head practice

1) Fix the end of the high voltage power cable
Straighten the cable end and secure it to the cable bracket. For the outdoor terminal, take 750mm from the end (550mm in the indoor terminal), and engrave a circular knife mark at the measuring point.

high voltage power cable

2) Stripping cable
(1) Break the plastic cover in the direction of the high voltage power cable and peel it off to the sides.
(2) Bundle the armor layer with copper wire at a position slightly below the seam of the sheath, for temporary tying, and sawing the steel strip (the kerf should be neat).
(3) Keep the inner liner 20mm at the fracture of the steel strip and peel off the rest.
(4) Remove the filler and separate the core.

3) Welding ground wire

high voltage power cable
(1) Disassemble one end of the braided soft copper strip in three portions, re-weave and wrap each phase shield layer and fasten it, then solder it on the copper strip. After the other braided wire is fastened with the cable tie, the steel wire is welded firmly.
(2) A section between the braided copper strip and the cable sheath is formed with a tin-filled braided wire and a high voltage power cable sheath with a length of 15-20 mm to form a moisture-proof section.

4) Install the branch finger
(1) The filling rubber is wrapped around the three-phase bifurcation and the root to make it look flat, slightly apple-shaped, and the maximum diameter is larger than the outer diameter of the cable by about 15 mm.
(2) Clean the cable jacket (where the branch finger is installed).

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