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Wire and cable knowledge(一)

1、According to the use, What are the types of commonly used wire and cable?

According to its application, usually there are bare cable, insulated wires, heat-resistant wires, shielded cable, power cable, control cable, communication cable, radio frequency cable, etc.

2、What kinds of insulated wire are there?

Common insulated wires include the following types: PVC insulated wires, PVC insulated flexible wires, nitrile and PVC compound insulated flexible wires, rubber insulated wires, aluminum conductor PVC insulated wires, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wires, etc.     

3、Where is the cable tray suitable for?

Cable tray is suitable for the overhead laying of power cables and control cables indoors and outdoors in general industrial and mining enterprises, and can also be used for indoor and outdoor installations in telecommunications, radio and television departments.

4、What are the cable accessories?

Commonly used electrical accessories include cable terminal junction boxes, cable intermediate junction boxes, connecting pipes and terminals, steel plate wiring slots, cable trays, etc.
5、What is cable intermediate joint?

Cable intermediate connector: the device that connects the cable with the conductor, insulating shield and protective layer of the cable, so that the cable line is connected 

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