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What's the difference between the power cable and control cable

The use is different.
The power cable is 0.6/1 kV such as VV, YJV

Control cables are 450/750v such as KVV, KVVP

Generally, power cables are within 5 cores and are generally used for high power supply.

The control cable core is more, sometimes customer requirements vary, generally to 37 cores, but there are more cores.

The power cable is used to transmit and distribute large-function electric energy in the backbone of the power system. Control cable directly transfers electric energy from the distribution point of the power system to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances. The rated voltage of power cable is generally 0.6/1 kV and above, while that of the control cable is 450/750 V. The insulation and sheath thickness of power cable is thicker than that of a control cable in production.

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First of all, the Control Cable belongs to the cable for electrical equipment, and the Power Cable is two of the five categories of cables.

The standard of Control Cable is 9330, and the standard of Power Cable is GB12706.

Control cable insulation cores are usually printed in black and white, and power cable low voltage is generally color separation.

The cross-section of the control cable is usually less than 10 square meters. The power cable mainly conveys electricity and is generally large cross-section.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, the specifications of power cables can generally be larger, up to 500 square meters (the range of conventional manufacturers can produce), and the larger section can generally do relatively few manufacturers, while the section of control cables is generally smaller, the maximum is generally not more than 10 square meters.

In terms of the number of cable cores, according to the requirements of the power grid, power cables usually have 5 cores at most, while control cables transmit control signals with more cores. According to the standard, there are 61 cores, but they can also be produced according to the requirements of users.
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