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Proper storage and transportation of Wire and cable products

Wire and cable storage and transport considerations:
   1, when the Wire and cable for storage, is strictly prohibited with acid, alkali and mineral oil contact, to be stored with these corrosive substances isolation;
   2, storage of Wire and cable in the warehouse shall not damage the insulation and corrosion of metal in the presence of harmful gases;
   3, as far as possible to avoid the exposed way to store the cable in the open air, the cable tray does not allow flat;

   4, the cable during storage, should be regularly rolling (Summer 3 months once, other seasons may be extended as appropriate). When rolling, will be stored down the disc edge roll up, so as not to damp the bottom surface rot. When storing often pay attention to whether the cable head intact;

Wire and cable

   5, cable storage period to the product delivery period is limited, generally not more than a year and a half, the longest not more than two years;
   6, transportation is strictly prohibited from high throw Wire and cable or cable tray with cable, especially at lower temperatures (usually about 5℃and below), throw, throw the cable will likely lead to insulation, sheath cracking;
   7, lifting the package, it is forbidden to lift several discs at the same time. On vehicles, ships and other means of transport, Wire and cable tray to use the appropriate method to be fixed, to prevent a collision or tipping each other, to prevent mechanical damage to the cable.
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