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What processes are involved in the development and production of aluminum alloy cables (2)

Conductor compaction process


The aluminum alloy cable conductor adopts 8000 series aluminum alloy and adopts special pressing process. In order to control the outer diameter of the cable, the general tightening coefficient is controlled above 0.92, and the maximum limit of compaction is used to compensate for the shortage of volumetric conductivity of the aluminum alloy. The stranded conductor core, such as a solid conductor, significantly reduces the outer diameter of the core and improves the electrical conductivity. Considering the hardness of the aluminum alloy material, it is necessary to select a suitable mold, stranding speed, and annealing during the pressing and annealing process. The temperature is to ensure that the shape of the aluminum alloy conductor is uniform and the pressing effect is excellent.

 aluminum alloy cable

In order to achieve a better pressing effect, different equipment can be used for twisting and pressing according to the core section, a small section core adopts a tubular stranding machine; a medium section core adopts a roll forming stranding machine; a large section line The core adopts a frame stranding machine.


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