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What are the processes involved in the production of aluminum alloy cable (1)

Aluminum alloy rod continuous casting and rolling process

The excellent aluminum alloy conductor rod is the decisive factor for the electrical properties and mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy cable. The stable production of the aluminum alloy rods that meet the requirements is mainly from the following links.
1) Calculate and determine the amount of aluminum ingot, intermediate alloy and additives. After the material is melted into the holding furnace, add the additive to the refining and stirring. At the same time, sample and analyze the different points in the furnace and adjust accordingly if necessary.

2) Due to the high temperature after alloy refining, the crystallization of aluminum liquid is difficult. Pay attention to adjusting the cooling water pressure at any time to keep the crystal wheel smooth and clean, so that the aluminum liquid can be crystallized smoothly.

aluminum alloy cable
3) Strictly control the tensile strength and elongation of the aluminum alloy cable during rolling to facilitate the subsequent pressing and stranding process. Because the aluminum rod has internal stress, it can be stored for more than 48 hours.

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