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What is the difference between silicone and rubber? How to judge?

What is the difference between the rubber in the rubber cable and the silicone in the silicone rubber cable?

Glue is a kind of silicone rubber and belongs to single component room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber. Once exposed to the air, the silane monomer condenses, forming a network structure, cross-linking the system, not melting and dissolving, elastic, rubbery, and bonding the object.

rubber cable
Its thermal conductivity is slightly higher than that of ordinary rubber, and once cured, it is difficult to separate the bonded objects.

Rubber Highly elastic polymer compound. Includes unvulcanized and vulcanized varieties. Can be divided into two categories of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

silicone rubber cable
Natural rubber is processed from latex obtained from rubber plants. Synthetic rubber is obtained by polymerizing or polycondensing a monomer. Unvulcanized rubber is commonly known as raw rubber or raw rubber. Vulcanized rubber is called vulcanized rubber, commonly known as cooked rubber or rubber. Widely used in the manufacture of tires, hoses, tapes, insulation materials, rubber shoes, and other rubber products.

Silicone is mainly made of high-grade silica gel, which is soft to the touch, strong in elongation and very durable.

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