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What does electric cable color represent?

What does electric cable color represent?

Everyone knows that there are different colors on several wires in the electric cable. What are these colors for?

Below is the network editor of Ruitian Electriccable Co., Ltd. to introduce to you what the color on the electric cable means.

Electric Cable Skin Color Regulation of Electric Cable Conductor Skin Color

National Standard: Yellow, Green, Red and Blue represent A.B.C.N.

1 When marking the circuit according to the color of the conductor

1.1 Black: Inside wiring of devices and equipment.

1.2 Brown: Positive pole of DC circuit.

1.3 Red: Three-phase circuit and C-phase;

Semiconductor triode collector;

Semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or cathode of controllable silicon tube.

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1.4 Yellow: A phase of three-phase circuit;

The base of semiconductor triode;

The control poles of thyristors and bidirectional thyristors.

1.5 Green: Phase B of three-phase circuit.

1.6 blue: negative pole of DC circuit;

Semiconductor triode emitter;

Semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or anode of controllable silicon tube.

1.7 Light blue: zero or neutral line of three-phase circuit;

The grounding midline of DC circuit.

1.8 White: Main electrode of bidirectional thyristor;

Semiconductor circuit without specified color.

1.9 yellow and green color (each color width is about 15-100mm alternately pasted); safe grounding wire.

1.10 Red and Black Parallel: AC Circuit Connected by Double Core Wire or Double Strand Wire.
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