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The main technology of Wire and cable

The main technology of Wire and cable

Wire and cable are passed: pull make, twist make, wrap 3 kinds of the craft will make complete, model specification is more complex, repeatability is higher.
1. drawing
In metal pressure processing, the technical processing method that forces the metal through the mold (pressure wheel) under the action of external forces, and compresses the cross-sectional area of the metal and obtains the required cross-sectional area shape and size is called metal drawing.

Drawing process is divided into single wire drawing and Hank drawing.

2. standing

In order to improve the softness of Wire and cable, the overall degree, let more than 2 single Wire, according to the direction of the provisions of the interwoven together known as a skein.

Wring process: conductor wiring, cable, weaving, steel wire armoring and winding.

3. coated

 Wire and cable

According to different performance requirements of Wire and cable, special equipment is used to coat different materials on the outside of the conductor. Coating process:

A. Squeeze bag: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum, and other materials.

B. Longitudinal package: rubber, corrugated aluminum tape material.

C. Wrapping: paper tape, mica tape, alkali-free glass fiber tape, non - woven fabric, plastic tape, etc.

D. Dip coating: insulating paint, asphalt, etc
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