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Talking about the Correct Selection of XLPE Low Voltage Power Cable

In our engineering design, the most commonly used Low Voltage Power Cable is crosslinked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed copper core cable (XLPE type) and PVC insulated PVC sheathed copper core cable (VV type) Two kinds, for a long time, the price of the two cables with the same specification (the same conductor cross-section) is quite different, and the price of the XLPE type cable is much higher than that of the VV type cable, but in recent years, due to the soaring price of the copper material, insulation and sheathing As the proportion of cables is becoming smaller and smaller, the prices of XLPE type cables and VV type cables of the same specifications are getting closer, but the current carrying capacity of XLPE type cables of the same specifications is much higher than that of VV type cables.

Low Voltage Power Cable
If the cable is selected according to the current-carrying capacity in the power distribution, the same electric load, the XLPE-type cable can use the smaller one than the VV-type cable, and some can even use the two smaller ones, such as ZRC-YJV22-1-3. ×95+1×50 current flow guaranteed value in air (A) (ambient temperature 40°C) is 276A, and the plant's ZRC-VV22-0.6/1-3×150+1×70 current carrying capacity under the same conditions For 271A, ZRC-VV22-0.6/1-3×120+1×70 has a carrying capacity of 235A, which means that ZRC-YJV22-1-3×95+1×50 (price is 176.61 Yuan/m) can completely replace ZRC. -VV22-0.6/1-3×120+1×70 (price 214.4 yuan/m), can even replace ZRC-VV22-0.6/1-3×150+1×70 (price 253.73 yuan/m) if XLPE The cost of the Type 95 cable instead of the VV Type 120 cable can be reduced by 17%, and the cost of replacing the VV Type 150 cable can be reduced by 30%.

Roughly, statistics, such as design in accordance with the YJV cable equivalent to a high specification VV22 cable can save more than 15% of the cost of power cable.

According to this optimized design concept, Low Voltage Power Cable saves procurement costs of about RMB 300,000 in the Ulashan project. It is recommended that the company vigorously promote the use of XLPE type Low Voltage Power Cable in various projects.

Precautions in design: For cables with longer distances (generally more than 200 meters), besides selecting cables according to the current-carrying capacity, you should also pay attention to the influence of pressure drop, such as the voltage of ZRC-YJV22-1-3×95+1×50.

The loss is 0.105%/(A.km) (at cos∮=0.8), while the voltage loss at ZRC-VV22-0.6/1-3×120+1×70 is 0.081%/(A.km) (cos. At 0.8 o'clock), the general owner stipulates that our low pressure drop must not exceed 5%. When selecting the cable, please check the voltage loss.

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