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Talk about the fault of high power page cable

Talk about the fault of high voltage power cable cable
1 high power power card common failure
1.1 high voltage power cable page body failure

The core component of the high voltage power cable is the cable body, but the cable body is very easy to destroy and it is not easy to solve after the failure occurs. At this time, the high power power cell body is mainly applied in a completely closed space. Moreover, the distance between the high voltage power cable and the cable body is relatively long, which brings great difficulties to the maintenance of the cable body. Failure to solve the failure in time will cause greater problems. The types of cable body faults are very diverse. The following is a detailed description of cable body faults.

high voltage power cable

(1) Mechanical damage to the cable body. The most important fault in cable body failure is the mechanical damage of cable. Mechanical damage means that the cable is affected by external forces during the laying of the cable or after the cable is laid. The cable is deformed or broken. This can lead to a sudden failure of the cable and can not normally transmit electricity to affect the operation of the grid.
(2) Chemical damage to the cable body. Chemical damage mainly refers to the continuous heating of the cable under excessive load, and eventually damage to the cable. The reason why the cable is overheating is also due to the fact that there is no scientific and reasonable arrangement for the cable layout when laying the cable. In addition, the cable tunnel is relatively closed and airtight, and the cable will continue to heat during actual operation. Causing chemical damage to the cable body.

(3) Cable quality does not pass. In cable manufacturing, the manufacturing does not strictly comply with the relevant standards, resulting in cracking of the main insulation layer of the wrapped cable, which reduces the insulation performance of the cable body and causes ground failure in the actual operation of the cable. Insulation breakdown will occur due to poor insulation performance, which will cause cable body failure.

1.2 high power power cable connector failure

High power cable uses cable connectors for long-distance power supply. This is a commonly used power supply method in Xinjiang, and intermediate connectors are almost always found in Xinjiang cables. However, cable connectors are very prone to failure. The cable connector failure mainly occurs in the part of the cable where the electrical stress is concentrated, that is, the cable insulation shield fracture, and the cable connector failure in the insulation shield fault performance is mainly electrical leakage and then high resistance failure. As well as the cable joint seal ring oil leakage, cable joint filling agent quality is not cleared, thus affecting the operation of the power grid.

high voltage power cable

1.3 Failure of the ground system of high power power cable
The power grounding system is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of the high power power plant. The structure of the cable grounding system is relatively complex. There are mainly cable grounding protection boxes, cable grounding boxes, and cable protective layer protectors. However, due to the complexity of cable grounding systems, cable grounding systems often fail. The most common failure is the sealing of cable connecting boxes and cable protection boxes in cable grounding systems. Causes the box body to enter the water to cause the problem of multiple points of grounding, causing the protection layer current of the cable grounding system to be too large, and eventually causing the cable grounding system to fail, thus affecting the normal operation of the grid.
1.4 Resistance failure in high voltage power cable cable
In high power power failure, there are several different types of insulation resistance values based on the size of the high power power fault. The following is a detailed description of several cable resistance failures.

(1) high voltage power cable cable low resistance and ground failure. The low resistance fault of the high voltage resistance is mainly manifested in: the insulation between the high power power cell phase and the ground is damaged, which affects the high power power grid insulation resistance. continuous decrease, At this time, there is a low resistance failure of high voltage resistance.

high voltage power cable

(2) The resistance value between the open circuit fault, the high power power cable phase, and the high power power cell phase and the ground must be stabilized between a certain range according to the relevant standards. However, in the normal operation of high power power cable, there is often a situation where the cable terminal does not have voltage, or the load capacity of the cable terminal is not strong, so that there will be an open circuit failure of high power power power cable.
(3) High power power page failure, high resistance failure of high voltage power cable cable mainly refers to high power power power cable phase and high power power power between the phase and ground insulation resistance is lower than the normal resistance, However, high power power cable's insulation resistance is greater than the cable characteristic electrical impedance, and high power power power cable's high resistance failure will occur.

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