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Electric Cable Price

Electric cable is one kind of cables, which we usually use it in the building construction. You can also call it electric wire, royal electric cable or flat wire electrical cable. For daily life, if you decorate your house, I am sure you will use electrical cable. You can find cheap electrical wire online. If you are a builder, and I think you must have a large demands of electric cable. You should find more electric cable manufacturers and electric wire manufacturers. You can find discount electrical wire finally. Here we are – an excellent electrical wire supply. Contact us right now.

Before I introduce you the structure of electricity wire. Before I talk about the structure, there is one things you should know. According to different countries’ customs and standards, there are many types of electronic wire. For example, American standard has TW, THWN, THHN and so on. BS standard has H05 VV and H07 series: H05VV-F cable, H07V-K cable, H07V-U cable and H07V-R cable. Expect from these types, there are twin and earth cable, earth cable, solid copper wire and so on. We are a electric wire manufacturer, so we accept all kind of order of electricity wire. We also can customize for you. Whatever you want brown electrical wire, white electrical wire green electrical wire, blue electric cable, gold electric cable or other colors, we can provide for you. Please send email to us to get the discount electrical cable with low electric cable price for you.

Low Voltage Power Cable

After knowing the types of electronic cable, the structure of electricity wire also has many types. Simply speaking, There are conductor, insulation and jacket. Conductor is copper and aluminum, insulation is the pvc material. Jacket has pvc and nylon material. You can ignore the types, and just send your requirement to the electrical cable makers. There is one point I want to say, and it is about the conductor. There are four classes conductors. If electrical cable manufacturers producing electronic wire with class 1 conductor, we can call it solid electrical wire. Solid electrical wire is the single and solid conductor. When the electrical wire manufacturers using class 2 conductor, you can call it stranded electrical wire. Stranded electrical wire usually was produced through stranding 7 conductors, 19 conductor, 37 conductors and so on. If you search flexible electrical wire cable, you will find their conductor is so many tiny wires. Because class 5 and class 6 is flexible wire, so flexible wire cable is consist of many tiny wires.

Housing wire is another name of electronic wire. You may also see wire housing, housing cable, electrical cable housing. From the name, we can know clearly, wire housing is used in the house decoration. So if you are decorating your house, you can search wire housing online, and you will find housing wire price list, then you can pick up one suitable electrical cable housing, which the electric cable price and quality is suitable.

Electric cable

In the preceding sentence, we have said that electricity cable has many names. Building wire and cable is one types. Its application is also used in the building decoration. We have introduced the conductor, and you will know the conductor has copper and aluminum. So you can also call it copper building wire and aluminum building wire. As a professional building wire manufacturers, we can also provide you your wanted building wire and cable. So you can just send us your requirement, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Ruitian is a professional building wire supplier, so I must give you some suggestion about the building cable. When you choose the building wire, you should know the parameter that you need. Because different countries are different, such voltage, decoration standard, color requirement and so on. I think you should make them clear. The best and simple way is to ask the expert. Professional person can give you professional advice. If you decide your conductor, you can also search copper building wire manufacturers or aluminum building wire manufacturers. By the way, we can also provide you all colored building cable: brown electrical wire, white electrical wire green electrical wire, blue electric cable, gold electric cable and other colors. You can also choose the size of building wire and cable, such as 4 gauge building wire, 10 gauge building wire, 6mm building wire and other sizes. These are some hot sale building cable.

If you Power Cable have know your wanted technical parameter, you can just send it to us, we will directly quote for you right now.

Form the article, I am sure you have s simply known about the electronic wire. Whatever housing wire or building cable, it is a huge market. The demand urges the producing. If you search stranded electrical wire price, you will find many electrical cable manufacturers, big or small. All will say they sell electrical wire with good quality and low price. I believe some of them will have a low electric cable price, but I am not sure about them quality. You’d better see their factory and their ability. As professional electrical wire manufactures, Ruitian owns our factory, and we welcome you to visit our factory. If you want to get the details, please contact us.

We have keeping cooperation relationship, and we accept many customers from all over the world. We are looking forward to our cooperation. You can send the inquiry now, we will reply as soon as possible.

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