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Causes of common problems with high voltage cables (2)

 Causes of common problems with high voltage cables (1)

Second, high-pressure construction quality reasons (high-voltage cable construction problems)


There are many examples of high-voltage cable system failures due to construction quality. The main reasons are as follows:


1. The site conditions are relatively poor. The environment and process requirements of the cables and joints are high in the factory, and the temperature, humidity and dust on the construction site are not well controlled.


2. In the process of high-voltage cable construction, it is inevitable to leave small slips on the insulating surface. The semi-conductive particles and the sand on the abrasive cloth may also be embedded in the insulation. In addition, the insulation will be exposed to the air during the joint construction process. Inhalation of moisture, these all leave hidden dangers for long-term safe operation.

 high-voltage cable

3. The installation is not strictly in accordance with the process construction or process regulations, and may not consider the possible problems.


4. Completion acceptance adopts the DC withstand voltage test to cause the reverse electric field in the joint to cause insulation damage.


5, due to poor sealing treatment. The intermediate joint must be sealed with a metal copper casing and a PE or PVC insulation coating to ensure the tightness of the seal during on-site construction, thus effectively ensuring the sealing and waterproof performance of the joint.

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