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Wire and Cable Knowledge (1)

Wire and cable are used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information, and wire products that convert electromagnetic energy. The generalized wire and cable is also referred to simply as cable. Narrowly defined cables refer to insulated cables. It can be defined as a group consisting of: one or more insulated cores, and their respective possible cladding, total protective layer and outer sheath. Cables can also have additional uninsulated conductors.
Bare wire products
   The main features of this type of product are: pure conductive metal, non-insulating and sheathing layers, such as ACSR, copper and aluminum busbars, electric locomotive lines, etc.; the processing technology is mainly pressure processing, such as smelting, rolling, pulling System, stranding/pressing and stranding, etc.; products are mainly used in suburban areas, rural areas, user main lines, switch cabinets, etc.

power cable

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   The main features of this type of product are: Extruding (wrapping) the insulation around the conductor, such as overhead insulated cables, or strands of cores (corresponding to the phase, neutral and ground of the power system), such as over two core overhead insulated cables , Or increase the jacket layer, such as plastic / rubber sheathed wire and cable. The main process technologies include drawing, stranding, insulation extrusion (wrapping), cabling, armoring, and sheath extrusion. There are certain differences between different product combinations.
   The products are mainly used for transmission of strong electric energy in the transmission, distribution, transmission, change, and power supply lines, with large currents (tens of amps to several thousand amps) and high voltages (220V to 35kV and above).
Wire and cable specifications
   The main features of this type of product are: variety of specifications, a wide range of applications, the use of voltage in 1kV and below, in the face of special occasions continue to derive new products, such as fire-resistant cables, flame retardant cable, low smoke and halogen-free / low Smoke low-halogen cable, termite prevention, rat-proof cable, oil/cold resistance/temperature/wear resistance cable, medical/agricultural/mine cable, thin-walled wire, etc.
Communication cable and optical fiber
   With the rapid development of the communications industry, from simple telephone cable telegraph cables in the past to thousands of pairs of voice cables, coaxial cables, optical cables, data cables, and even composite communication cables. The size of such products is usually small and uniform, and the manufacturing precision is high.
Winding line
   A winding wire is a conductive metal wire with an insulating layer for winding a coil or winding of an electrical product. A magnetic field is generated by a current when it works, or a magnetic force line is cut to generate an induced current to convert electrical energy and magnetic energy so that it becomes a magnet wire.
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