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Why can't you choose aluminum alloy cable for power cable?

For the characteristics of aluminum alloy cables, aluminum alloy cables have natural defects in fire prevention and corrosion protection, which is in the following 8 aspects:
1.Corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy is not as good as aluminum

2.Temperature resistance, copper is much more better than aluminum alloy

3.The thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy is much higher than copper, what is more, aluminum alloy is even higher than aluminum

4.Aluminum alloy does not solve the problem of aluminum oxidation

5.Aluminum alloy cables have improved stress relaxation and creep resistance but far less than copper

6.Aluminum alloy cable does not solve the problem of aluminum connection reliability
7. Inconsistent quality control of aluminum alloys (alloy composition) results in poor creep resistance

8. The aluminum alloy cable connector has a complicated process, which is easy to leave hidden dangers.

In addition to the above factors, there is no unified standard for the cutoff of aluminum alloy cables, the connector terminals are not closed, the capacitor current is increased, the laying distance of aluminum alloy cables is narrowed or insufficient to support due to the increased cross section, the construction is difficult due to the increased cable cross section, and the cable a series of professional issues such as whether the trench space is matched, the cost of maintenance and risk has increased sharply, the cost of the entire life cycle has increased, and the designer has no standards to follow, such as improper handling or intentional neglect of any one of them is sufficient to cause users severe suffering. Losses and accidents that cannot be compensated for.

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