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What is the technology of mine high pressure rubber sleeve cable connector (1)

The high-pressure power transmission of the main mining equipment of the iron ore mining site uses UCF-6kV high pressure rubber sleeve cable. Due to the lack of relevant technical requirements for the sealing, insulation performance and mechanical strength of the conventional plugging and tying method, frequent grounding, short circuiting and blasting of the cable joints on a rainy day frequently occur, which has long plagued the mine. The problem of production operations. Through repeated investigations of other high-pressure rubber sleeve cable joint treatment methods, combined with the actual situation of the mining site, they finally decided to use cold-cure vulcanization technology to treat the high pressure rubber sleeve cable joint.

Mine high pressure rubber sleeve cable joint treatment (1)

1、 Mine high pressure rubber sleeve cable joint cold-filled vulcanization treatment 1 mine high pressure rubber sleeve cable joint filler. The use of JA-8 mining cable PU cold glue. It has the characteristics of fast curing at room temperature, firm adhesion with cable sheath, tensile and tear resistance, wear resistance and good electrical insulation performance. It is a good potting material for on-site treatment of cable joints.

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2 、Mining high pressure rubber sleeve cable joints. On both sides of the mine High Pressure rubber sleeve cable joint, 50 mm is cut into a conical shape, and the distance between the conical and cylindrical joints of the two sides of the cable is 350 mm. The core wire at the joint is peeled off to a length of about 30 mm, and is connected by a copper crimping tube to ensure the quality of the crimping. Wrap the tape with a plastic wrap to increase the insulation between the cores. The power must be disconnected before repairing, and then the mineral powder and oil on the damaged area of the Mine High pressure rubber sleeve cable and the surrounding surface must be eliminated. The tapered faces on both sides of the rubber cable joint are roughened with a raft to reveal a fresh surface and remain clean.

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3 、Mine high pressure rubber sleeve cable joint mold. The selection of the mold is one of the keys to ensure the curing of the joint. Molds made from high-pressure polyethylene sheets are disposable consumables and are limited to use in factory buildings and flat areas, and have a long demolding time. The material of the homemade mold is Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel, also known as A3 board. This mold has high strength and can be used for a long time. Drill three M20 tapped holes in the middle of the length of the self-made mold, one of which is used to install the feed funnel, and the other two are used as vent holes to ensure the smooth discharge of gas between the mold and the packing. The mold is half-opened and its inner surface is galvanized to improve the surface finish of the cable joint.

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4、 Mine filled with high pressure rubber sleeve cable. Straighten the cable of the repaired section as far as possible, and place it in a horizontal position. Install the mold on the joint of the cable. Three screw holes are upwards. Use M10 bolts to tighten and open the rubber and aluminum component packs. Pour all the components into the component A, stir quickly with a dry stir bar for about 1 min, and slowly mix the mixed compound into the funnel. When the overflow holes on both sides of the funnel flow out of the glue, it means that the mold cavity may have been filled with the rubber, and the casting compound can be stopped. Approximately 1.5 kg of compound is required for each cable joint. It can be put into use after 0.5h in summer and 1h in winter.

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