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The difference between copper wire cable and aluminum wire cable

The difference between copper wire cable and aluminum wire cable
The following are main difference between copper wire and aluminum wire:
Colour: Copper wire is amaranth and aluminum wire is offwhite.
Resistance: The copper wire resistance is smaller than aluminum, and the copper wire conductivity is better.
Density: Copper wire is denser than aluminum wire. Copper wire is heavier.

The advantage of copper wire:

copper wire

The resistance of copper wire is smaller. The aluminum resistivity is 1.68 times higher than that of copper cable. The copper conductivity and thermal conductivity are better than that of aluminum wire.
The copper ductility is better: the copper alloy ductility rate is 20-40%, electrician copper ductility is more than 30%, aluminum alloy ductility is only 18%.
Good stability and corrosion resistance: copper wire corrosion resistance is better, working life is longer; aluminum wire is easy to oxidation and corrosion.
The maximum of copper safety electric current is higher than that of aluminum wire.
The disadvantage of copper wire:

Copper wire price is higher than aluminum.

The advantage of aluminum wire:

aluminum wire
Aluminum price is cheaper and economical.
Aluminum cable is light, the aluminum cable weight is 40% of copper cable weight, so the cost of construction and transportation are low.
Resistance to oxidation and corrosion: aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to form an oxide film that prevents further oxidation, so aluminum wires are widely used for high-voltage, large-section and large-span overhead transmission.
The disadvantage of aluminum wire:
The mechanical strength of aluminum wire is poor, and the aluminum wire is easy to oxidize at the end of the connecting line, which will lead to the temperature rising, which is the main cause of failure (power off or line breaking).
Aluminum wire has low conductivity, high electrical loss, poor tensile strength, low corrosion resistance, and easy oxidation of joints.

Each metal material has its own characteristics. Copper wire and aluminum wire have their own advantages and disadvantages, and their fields of use are also different. Aluminum wire is more suitable for high-voltage lines.In the household wire, the copper wire has the obvious advantage than the aluminum wire.

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