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PVC Insulated Twisted Pair Copper Wire(RVS)

PVC Insulated Twisted Pair Copper Wire(RVS)

1. Application
PVC Insulated Twisted Pair Copper Wire(RVS) With good flexibility and good tension, there are many uses: lighting, instrument, mobile low power electrical power cord, connect the broadcast and audio equipment to transmit the audio signal.

2. Structure Diagram
PVC Insulated Twisted Pair Copper Wire(RVS).png?v=163433

3. Technical Parameters
3.1 Conductor: 100% Pure Copper
3.2 Insulator: Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) Insulated.
3.3 PVC Color: White/White; Red/Black; Red/Yellow; Red/Green; Red/White colors.
3.4 Voltage: 300/500V

4. Packaging
4.1 Length: 100meters/roll, 100Yards/roll, or by customized
4.2 Packaging: Blister packaging
4.3 Outer packing: Woven bags/Cartons

5. Size

Type Size (mm²) Conductor Diameter One-core (mm) Overall Diameter 1 Core (mm) Current Value (A)
Twisted Pair Wire 2X0.50mm² 0.15/28*2 2.60 4.0A
2X0.75mm² 0.15/42*2 2.80 6.0A
2X1.0mm² 0.20/32*2 2.90 9.0A
2X1.5mm² 0.20/48*2 3.20 18A
2X2.5mm² 0.20/78*2 3.60 26A

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