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Installation , Testing And Commissioning Of Electric Cables

The cable routes shall be established before commencing the installation work.
All cables to be buried in ground shall be done after digging uniform section trenches. The cables shall be laid with proper spacings (side by side) between adjacent cables. The cables shall then be covered with tiles or bricks and finally back-fillings with sand and earth.

Cables buried in ground and crossing pathways, roads, etc. shall be laid in GI Pipes/Hume Pipes/PVC pipes, embedded in PCC etc.

Testing And Commissioning Of Electric Cables

Cables run along prepared trenches or structures and wall shall be suitably clamped and cleared. The spacings of the clamps shall be dependent on the size of the cables. The cables shall be protected from mechanical damage while crossing floors etc. The spacers and saddles shall be of GI. The process of clamping and cleating shall be discussed with Architects/Owners and got approved.
The use of cable trays, racks or direct clamping shall be determined before commencing the work and the same shall be got approved.
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