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Industrial Controlled Shielded Cable

The flexible Industrial Controlled Shielded Cable  PVC-JZ-CY-130 / PVC-OZ-CY-132 is suitable as control and connection cable. It is applied in machine tools, plant and appliance construction, heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology as well as for other applications in electrical equipment .
  Industrial Controlled Shielded Cable             
Main Features
1.Special PVC outer sheath is extremely resistant to oils and chemicals
2.It is largely free of silicone, cadmium and other harmful substances
3.Especially suitable for places with high electromagnetic compatibility requirements

Packaging Details:
1)According to customer request, 100m/roll,200m/roll,300m/roll.... 
2) Inner packing: Wooden reel, plastic reel, and paper reel available. 
3) Outer packing: Carton box, pull out box, pallet available. 
4) Other packing available according to client's request.

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