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How to store Rubber cable

Rubber cable
A high-tech new cable manufactured by advanced technology such as special pressing process and annealing treatment. It has obvious advantages in terms of electrical performance, safety performance and cost-effectiveness of rubber cable in replacing the copper cable. Rubber cable is in comprehensive electrical performance. For example, the service life, electrical conductivity, creep resistance, tensile strength and weight are better than traditional copper core cables. Under the same current carrying capacity, the rubber cable weighs only 1/2 of the ordinary copper cable. The price advantage of aluminum alloy materials is also obvious. Under the premise of meeting the same electrical performance, the engineering cost of rubber cable is lower than that of copper core cable.

Rubber cable
How to store rubber cable:
    One: The cable should be laid in layers according to the trench. The cable trench should be set up with a firewall and marked as standard. The outer layer of the cable should be fire-retardant. Do not mix power cables and security communication cables.

    Two: all the cable holes that pass through the wall slab and cable channel into the cable compartment control cabinet and instrument panel of the control room; the end of the cable corridor; the bottom entrance and the upper end of the cable shaft pass through the floor; all should be closed.
Rubber cable
    Three: The open cable trench is covered with a complete and sturdy cover. The cable trench should be kept clean and no debris or garbage should be piled up. When there is an open fire in the vicinity, measures should be taken to prevent the fire from entering the cable trench.

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