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How to chose the housing wire?

How to chose the housing wire? More thicker more better?

Housing Lighting Wire

1.5 squ.mm is enough.Usually there is about 6-8 light in a family, the home lighting load power is not too large and can be controled within 1500 watts. So it is OK to use 1.5 squ.mm.

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Water heater socket

We suggest you to use 4 squ.mm. For 4 squ.mm housing wire, 7000 to 8000 watts load power is allowed, even if you turn on the water heater and Yuba at the same, it is also wokable.

Air conditioning socket

The load power of air conditioning is large, so also use 4 squ.mm housing wire. Of course, it is also OK to use 6 squ.mm, but the socket box will become biger, which lead to the wiring is difficult. So it will increase the difficulty of construction

Ordinary socket

If you can control the load power within 2500 watts, 2.5 squ.mm housing wire is OK. But if you often use high-power appliances, using 4 squ.mm is better.

Kitchen Socket

We suggest you to use 4 squ.mm. Because there ae many appliances in the kitchen, and you will use them very frequency.

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