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Flame Retardant And Fire-Resistance Wire and Cable Product introduction

1. Application

Flame Retardant wire and cable: According to the requirements of different flame retardant properties, its instlation, fill layer with flame retardant sheath or non-combustible material. Can be used in hotels, shopping malls, bus stations and ports have higher flame retardant requirements of power supply circuit. Fire-resistance wire&cable: With a special structure of the refractory layer, can be in 750-800 degrees under the condition of flame, a certain period of
time(90 minutes) to keep normal operation of the power cable. Can effectively to improve the ability of fire security and its lifesaving.

Using these products can effectivelyreduce the toxic or harmful gases produced by the fire, to improve the safety of the surrounding enviroment.

2. Structure Diagram

Flame Retardant And Fire-Resistance Wire and Cable.png?v=163418

3. Technical Parameters

3.1 Conductor: 100% Pure Copper

3.2 Insulator: Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) /Polyolefin Insulated.

3.3 Voltage: 300/500V, 450/750V

3.4 Features: Low smoke zero halogen; Low toxicity flame retardant; Fire-resistance

4. Packaging

4.1 Length: 100meters/roll, 100Yard/roll, or by customized
4.2 Packaging: Blister packaging/Plastic Plate/Color box

4.3 Outer packing: Woven bags/Cartons/Wooden plate

5. Size

Flame Retardant And Fire-Resistance Wire and Cable 2.png?v=163418

For more details pdf :Flame_Retardant And Fire Resistance 

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