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China High Voltage Power Supply Manufacturers

China High Voltage Power Supply Manufacturers
In view to meet rising demand of infrastructure needs Ruitian Cables has been manufacturing Aluminium / Copper conductor with XLPE insulation more than a decade. After a few years development, Ruitian cable has become China high voltage power leading supply manufacturers.
We design and manufacture a wide range of High Voltage Cables as per our Customer's requirements.We have best quallity & multi level tested raw materials to manufacture High Voltage Cables. We are backed by technologically Advanced Infrastructure and a team of highly professional engineers having experience in manufacturing of High Voltage Cables.

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High-voltage cable (HV cable) is used for electric power transmission at high voltage. A cable includes a conductor and insulation, and is suitable for being run underground or underwater. This is in contrast to an overhead line, which does not have insulation. High-voltage cables of differing types have a variety of applications in instruments, ignition systems, and AC and DC power transmission. In all applications, the insulation of the cable must not deteriorate due to the high-voltage stress, ozone produced by electric discharges in air, or tracking. The cable system must prevent contact of the high-voltage conductor with other objects or persons, and must contain and control leakage current. Cable joints and terminals must be designed to control the high-voltage stress to prevent breakdown of the insulation. Often a high-voltage cable will have a metallic shield layer over the insulation, connected to the ground and designed to equalize the dielectric stress on the insulation layer.
High-voltage cables may be any length, with relatively short cables used in apparatus, longer cables run within buildings or as buried cables in an industrial plant or for power distribution, and the longest cables often run as submarine cables under the ocean for power transmission.

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