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Advantages of aluminum alloy cables of Ruitian Cable Co.,Ltd.

  1. What is Aluminum Alloy Cable

    Aluminum Alloy Cable, a new kind material power cable which based on AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, adopted the special compacted process and annealing technology.

  2. Why should we using Aluminum Alloy Cable ?

  1. High copper price increases the investment cost, while using Aluminum Alloy Cable could save about 30% cost in cable construction. In addition, China is lack of copper resources, over 70% of the copper rely on foreign imports, to save copper with aluminum is the long-term development policy.

  2. Aluminum Alloy Cable is lighter and smaller in bend radius, so it can reduce construction costs and decrease the deterioration of equipment and cable, makes installation easier.

  3. Inter Locked Armored Cable can eliminates the bridge or tube, thus further savings in the cost of materials and construction. Aluminum Alloy Cable

  1. Advantages of aluminum alloy cables of Ruitian Cable Co.,Ltd.

  1. High conductivity of conductor: The conductivity of aluminum alloy cables of Ruitian Cable Co.,Ltd reaches 62.5%(IACS),while at present internationally the conductivity of aluminum alloy conductors produced by general enterprises is only 61%-61.5%(IACS).As high conductivity of conductor means low resistivity,so the cables with those conductors have high current-carrying capacity,making the security of cables better.

  2. Advanced key equipment: All the key manufacturing facilities for aluminum alloy cables of Ruitian Cable Co.,Ltd are imported and they are the most advanced equipment in the world.

    (3) With years of manufacturing experience: Ruitian Cable Co.,Ltd has accumulated more than 35 yearsexperience of manufacturing power cables. As it has very strict management system and operation process on raw material purchasing,manufacturing management,quality control and finished products delivery, it can manage the whole manufacturing process of aluminum alloy scientifically and efficiently,ensuring the quality of aluminum alloy cables.

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